Belle Isle Kayak offers a wide range of kayaks in order to properly supply you with the kayak best suited for your adventure.  Most tours are self guided but we do offer guided tours and can provide local fishing guides if you desire. We reserve the right to cancel trips or reservations due to weather, and may alter trips due to high winds or surf. Please contact us for the latest information on local area marine conditions.

Belle Isle Ramble - Belle Isle Marsh is bordered by Winthrop, Revere and East Boston, and is an expansive, quiet salt marsh that is one of our most popular paddles. This self- guided tour is easily completed in approximately 2 hours. Includes kayak, PFD and paddle. A favorite of the bird-watching set.

Boston Harbor Tour - Launching from a local beach you will go out into Boston Harbor and see the skyline of Boston from a unique perspective.  Whether you want a short trip around the harbor or a longer route to some local islands, we can provide you with the expertise you will need.

Kayak Fishing - Fishing out of a kayak and hooking into a striped bass, flounder, bluefish or other local species is a thrill not to be missed.  We provide you with a kayak geared for fishing these waters.   We can also put you in touch with local guides who will show you the local hot spots and techniques for catching the fish of a lifetime.

Flounder Foray - Starting in April, we will begin our Flounder Forays. We supply all you'll need for 4 hours of flounder fishing or until you reach your limit of 8 flounder, whichever comes first. This includes a kayak, bait, rods, PFD, paddle and guide. Come along and get in on the fun!

Customized Adventures - Whether you want to fish, dive, or tour the area, we can customize an adventure for you.  We also will be holding seminars throughout the year.  Whether it is an introduction to kayak fishing, setup and use of electronics, location selection, or techniques for specific types of fish.

For more information about our kayaks and services please call us at (617) 719-2036 .